The Best Private University in Bangladesh and Why is it best?

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Which one is the best private university in Bangladesh?

Today, you will know about the best private university in Bangladesh. To top rank a university, we should measure some of the criteria. A congenial educational environment, virtual access to every resource, great access to alumni are good indicators of a good university. 

Research facilities, good teacher-student relationships, socialization of the elite students, the number of yearly job offers from the prestigious company are also important. Besides, the practical experience of students with the subject and favourable job positions work behind the rank of a university. 

List of the best private university in Bangladesh:

You will find the rank on the right side of the university name below. The rank showed here is written measuring the country rank of total public and private universities.  

BRAC University, Dhaka (Rank # 3)

Based on the faculty subject and quality, BRAC University is on top among the private universities of Bangladesh. BRAC University is a very good choice for the students to attend in the subjects.

  • EEE
  • CSE
  • ECE
  • Architecture
  • Pharmacy
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Applied Physics 
  • LLB
  • Economics

We cannot but get bias for the BRAC University to get a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Architecture, and Engineering. BRAC serves their students with all modern technologies to gain practical experience. The Architecture department is very competitive here, and only 45 students get admitted.

The teachers are very helpful and sympathetic. They try their best to ensure an education-friendly environment always. The authority has appointed quality teachers here who completed their academic life from public universities. Besides, some of the teachers are from foreign countries with practical expertise.

Some of the students get topped in varieties of hackathons often. Different faculties have great outreach with international forums.

BRAC is better to develop the students for a career. Generally, the students prefer the CSE of this institute more than others.

Daffodil International University, Dhaka (Rank # 4)

Our second best choice is Daffodil International University Bangladesh. It is very popular for the IT-based traditions it follows. It is greatly benefitting the nation with its teaching and research work. 

North South University, Dhaka (Rank # 5)

In Bangladesh, NSU is reputed to have the first accredited Business School. Its BBA department has outreached worldwide. Even in the competitive Robotics and Programming competitions, the students of NSU have some nice achievements. 

In 2015, they reached the ACM ICPC World Final. In most of the programming competitions, NSU is very ahead.

American International University-Bangladesh, Dhaka (Rank # 8)

Undoubtedly, they belong to a gorgeous campus with great architectural beauty. The education system is very upgraded. A degree from AIUB is very prestigious for graduates. Compared to BRAC, achieving a good grade is easier in AIUB.

AIUB is very well-known for its EEE. One may make his wish come true by becoming an electrical and electronic engineer from here. Some of the students found that after BUET, AIUB has the best lab for EEE. 

If someone studies properly, it does not take so much hardship to achieve a better CGPA here. One must keep in mind that CGPA works as the main factor for higher study abroad.

Studying EEE here, most of the students may get another facility. In the engineering sectors, there are a great number of AIUBians you may find. Its strong alumni can help you greatly during the job interviews. 

East-West University, Dhaka (Rank # 17)

East-West University in Dhaka is very focused on the quality of their students. Students may face great difficulty getting CGPA 3.00 in the department like EEE or CSE here. But, completing the daily task daily may help them to reduce the pressure. 

But the classes are very impressive, and sometimes you may find them brilliant. The students always get busy with the projects, presentations, quizzes, and assignments here.

One should be attentive to attend the classes daily. Missing four classes, you may not get permission to attend the final exam.

The Green University of Bangladesh, Dhaka (Rank # 31)

It is a leading private university in Bangladesh. It started its journey in Bangladesh in 2003. To provide the best facilities for the students, it has all the modern amenities of a world-class university. We have listed the other facilities of this university below.

  • E-library facility that provides access to 35000 online journals
  • Convenient class schedule in evening or weekend
  • Having more than 17 clubs for co-curricular activities
  • Transportation and hostel facilities
  • E-learning opportunity with “Moodle.”
  • Flexible credit transfer opportunity to foreign universities

Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka (Rank # 49)

This private university was established in 2002. It is the first ISO-certified private university in Bangladesh. The campus of the university is scattered around Siddheshwari and Dhanmondi area.

It has an outdoor swimming pool, basketball ground, in-campus shop, and cafe. The university became successful in transferring hundreds of its students to varieties of foreign universities in the UK, US, and Canada. They offer credit transfer programs with the State University of New York, Claflin University, and the Monash University in Australia.

Best private university in Bangladesh according to subjects:

For Law

Finding the best private universities for LLB can be a daunting task. A great number of institutes are offering this. But according to our choice, BRAC, IUB, and NSU can be the best choice to get a law degree. If you took preparation to get admitted to a public university, we would recommend DU and RU.

For Civil Engineering

AUST, BRAC, UAP, IUB, or DIU should be your best choice to attend the civil engineering program. They provide the best resources with good mentorship.

For Pharmacy

For studying Pharmaceutical Science, both BRAC and NSU are equally good. Besides, Pharmacy these two private universities are also very popular for studying Microbiology and Biotechnology.

For English

To attend the English Language program, you may choose one of the following private institutions.

  • East-West University
  • University of Liberal Art Bangladesh
  • Independent University Bangladesh

Among them, the classes at East West University are very impressive. But, you may have to suffer to get a good CGPA. Being punctual and studious, you may solve the issue.

For Mechanical Engineering

AUST, IUBAT, and Sonargaon University (SU) can be your affordable solution for completing graduation in Mechanical Engineering. But, one should try to get himself admitted to the public engineering universities to get the best output.


NSU can be the best choice to complete the MBA. In South Asia, NSU has one of the best Business Schools. In almost all of the Business Case Competitions, NSU becomes the winner. Though its course cannot be compared to IBA as a private university, it provides the best support for MBA.

For Psychology

If you are thinking of taking a degree in psychology from Bangladesh’s private universities, the following institutions can be the best choice.

  • BRAC University
  • East-West University

Among the public universities, the Psychology Department of Dhaka University is most reputed.

Admission requirement for private universities

To get admitted in the undergraduate program in most private universities, one must have at least 3.5 points in SSC, HSC, and their equivalents. In O-Levels, the CGPA will be at least 2.5 in 5 subjects. In A-levels minimum of 2.5 CGPA is needed in two subjects separately on the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, and in D =2.


Before choosing any of these private universities, a student should consider the distance too. He may not like to pass his time with the bus journey in the Dhaka city’s traffic jam. We should note that all of these private universities are very costly with a lot of hidden charges. 

But, one thing we have to accept that the value they provide is up to the mark. To get the best query about them, one may visit their websites separately. Before admission, a competitor may connect with the faculty members of a single department using the Facebook page and ask about their universities. 

NB: We have collected the information from student forums and the official websites of the universities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the cost of a private university in Bangladesh?

The study cost of private universities in Bangladesh is pretty high. The good news is most of them offer scholarships and wager to bright students. To get the support, a student should contact the university administration.


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