Tasty Snacks: Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafer Puddings

Nilla wafer pudding nutter butter for tasty snacks

Get tasty snacks with Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafer every day. In addition, it comes with crumbly pieces that you can put on its top to enhance the taste.

It’s the delicious banana pudding that you can buy from your nearest groceries.

This brought to you by Raymundo. You have to do the sweet job of mixing the pudding and given crumbly Nilla cookies on top.

Its creamy and crunchy feature just takes you to a new type of delight and texture just refreshes your mind with yumminess.

Additional Nilla cookies with it just make it more authentic. Even you can add this to your banana pudding recipe. This combo tastes really good!

Famous IG page @Frontpagefoodfinds got both Nilla pieces and banana pudding as well as Nutter Butter cookie, crumbles available at Stop & Shop.

Another IG page @Junkfoodonthego discovered another Raymundo’s treat that has chocolate peanut butter pudding and Nutter Butter pieces.

JunkFoodOnTheGo also shared about this on their Instagram page (@junkfoodonthego).

If you get those to your nearest groceries, then awesome! Otherwise, you may make delicious chocolate pudding yourself at home.

Source: Raymundo’s site

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