Sweet and Sour House Hunting Experience in Massachusetts.

Amazing house hunting experience in Mass shared by a reader. According to him, 30 offers of others were competing in the market like them.

In an open house, you may experience the frenzy. Sometimes you may tour the home to hear from the real estate agent the attractive offer.

Some of the people have shared their house hunt experience in Massachusetts. Those stories are ranging from bizarre to lucky. Few of them did not get success and dealt with the competitive offers.

Kate, a house hunter from North Attleborough, has written that she was looking for some more space than a single bedroom. She was dwelling in Boston. Her house-hunting campaign began in October. She kept an offer, and being unbelievably lucky, she got accepted.

Don and inhabitants of Charlestown can remember a house he gave a visit recently. In the basement, he found a washing machine that was only 5 feet high. To his surprise, he found some chairs on wheels there. It indicates that when someone is using the washing machine, he can pass the time playing using the chairs moving around.

In front of the estate, there was a pond with some exciting trout. The broker threw some food, and the trout were erupting the water. He did not buy the house as the price was not suitable, and the basement was 3 feet short than the general. He prayed for the trout if they would get the food regularly and survive.

It’s very true that the brokers do their best to provide the best information to the house hunters, but sometimes the features of the house may not meet the demand of the buyers.