Summer Games Done Quick: Starts Again.

Games Done Quick Starts again after a long postpone
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Summer Games Done Quick, a series of charity video game marathons, is starting from tomorrow, Sunday 16th, at 11:30 am ET. It was canceled due to the pandemic.

Team says it will be broadcast from their own studio. From Speedrunners home individual speedruns will be shared.

Doctors Without Borders will be charity beneficiary from this game.

Summer Games Done Quick team confirmed that the game schedule includes Dark Souls to open the show and Pokemon Shield to end the show. Currently released games Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Half-Life: Alyx, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Resident Evil 3 Remake will be the great attraction of the show. Besides, Mario and Castlevania fans will also get their taste back.

Through the week different types of 100 games will be played over.

Games Done Quick announced about all this to their twitter page with #SGDQ2020 hashtag.

By keeping the benevolent goal in front Summer Games Done Quick raised approximately $3,000,000 in 2019. They raised that money for Doctors Without Borders.

From the past 8 years, this money-raising amount is just increasing for unbeatable popularity. Undoubtedly, it is going to be one of the greatest gaming events.

Fans can enjoy the show from their Twitch channel named GamesDoneQuick on August 16 at 11:30 am ET

It is worth to mention that Game Done Quick has nine years of history. It is one of the benevolent events that teamed up with charities including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Usually, this gaming event is held on late June and early July every year.

Source: Games Done Quick, Wikipedia

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