Sharad Pawar Expresses Grief: Kerala Plane Crash Tragedy

Sharad Pawar, NCP chief expresses grief on tragic plane crash in Kerala’s Kozhikode.

According to source, an Air India Express flight with its 191 passengers and crew skidded off the runway and fell into a valley 50 foot in depth at the time of landing. This happened on Friday evening.

As per officials, at least 16 died.

Sharad Pawar tweets – “Disheartened to learn about the plane crash in #Kozhikode. Condolences to the family members of those who have lost their lives. #AirIndiaExpress,”.

Ajit Pawar tweets – “Saddened to hear about the #AirIndiaExpress tragedy in #Kozhikode. Praying for speedy recovery of the injured,”

Supriya Sule, NCP MP fro Baramati, also expresses grief and tweets, “Saddened to hear about the #AirIndiaExpress Plane Crash in Kerala. My thoughts and prayers with family members who lost their loved ones. Wishing the injured a speedy recovery #KozhikodeAirCrash,”

Besides, Maharastra Water Resource Minister Jayant Patil also expresses grief on this tragic incident.

Real reason for this plane crash will be investigated as soon as soon as possible.

But as for now according to officials, landslides due to heavy torrential rains caused this accident.

This is a tabletop airport and the plane routed from Dubai to Kerala’s Kozhikode.

It is believed that one of the pilots have been killed in the accident.

One of the pilots, Deepak Vasanth Satya, is a retired Indian Air Force Wing Commander. He is a very senior test pilot and experienced one. At the time of this incident, the plane was in his control.

The co-pilot was recently married off.

Really what happened with the fate of those pilots is up to report update.

It was an Air Intake Express Flight ix-1344 which was being operated by a Boeing 737 Aircraft from Dubai to Calicut overshot the runaway at Kozhikode.

No fire is reported during landing.

According to report there was,

  • 174 Passengers
  • 10 Infants
  • 2 Pilots
  • 5 Cabin Crues

Overall, 100 passengers are all right now.

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