Owensboro Health is offering different types of parenting classes

Owensboro Health is offering different types of parenting classes to assist the existing and the new parents. Their aim is to make the process of childbirth easier. It is believed that different aspects of parenting can be shown very deeply by their program.

Because of the pandemic, the classes are taken virtually. Heather Trulen who is the educator has said that they are trying to be informative as much as possible to give greater access to the mothers who are taking rest in bed at present. 

Their dealing with various types of courses including childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, etc. Even there is a course for children to welcome the new sibling in their life.

The classes cover the doings during the potential complications and the labor pains during the birth and beyond.

According to Trulen a lot of information is covered deeply there which parents can easily find online. These types of things were previously very hard to find in the same place and there were trustworthy issues. But in their classes, they are helping parents to make better choices during childbirth and the care of the newborn.

The most astonishing thing is that the class size has been kept smaller. Trulen also says that they are more exceptional than the other popular parenting education module because they have just kept 5 couples per session in a class.

Though it is a virtual class, all the arrangements have been done to make the classes very interactive. In this real-time situation, parents can connect with each other using the platform and ask questions.