Nurturing the love for science in our children

A picture of a kid wearing the dress of a astronaut

For the growth of society, the scientific community worked a lot. The great shape of this world is mainly contributed by the people like researchers, doctors, engineers, and teachers. The greatest example, in this case, can be the discovery of the vaccine of Covid-19. The best mind played a vital role in developing the vaccine.

For our better future, science worked as a boon mostly. Nurturing the child in the field of science can be a great idea for our better future. To fulfill this goal, parents should understand that the path to achieving a scientific career begins at the kindergarten level.

India has possessed the biggest K12 system in the world, with 260 million enrollments. It is working as a great path to building competitive scientists, engineers, and doctors. To fulfill the goal greatly, the parents need to inspire their children to learn science effectively at their early age of school and college. It will help our society to shape progress. Nurturing the right attitude for science is essential for our children.

Building a habit of research

As a teacher and a parent, I have got the kids very curious always. They are always keen to learn new things. They ask questions continuously out of curiosity. Discouraging them with demotivational words may cause them to be inattentive. Teachers and parents must encourage them to invest the time in proper research to find out the answers.

Because of the internet penetration, at present, children have access to a vast resource. Online education platforms are working as the helping tool in this case. All the resources from these platforms can contribute greatly to study science in a better way by retaining the interest for science to build a better scientific world.