Joe Biden’s Website Says: “WEAR A MASK” hiddenly.

Presidential Joe Biden’s website has a secret message about wearing face mask.

Interesting thing is that you have to break the code to see it.

Famous magazine “Mashable” just inspected the source code of his official website and found that it is written “WEAR A MASK”

You need not be tech-savvy to get this fun. What you have to do is to go to that website and View Page Source or Inspect by Right Clicking the mouse in your browser.

how to see Joe Biden's websites code about wearing mask
How to see Joe Biden’s websites code about wearing mask

The gold mine can be found at the bottom of Biden’s Website’s source code.

Joe bidens websites hidden message
Joe Biden’s website’s hidden message

Web developers had used this type of hidden ASCII art before too.

This year, we also found John Delaney, Eric Swalwell, and Amy Klobuchar’s websites with the same type of ASCII code art fun.

John Delaney’s website’s hidden art.
ERIC SWALWELL’s website’s hidden ASCII code art.
AMU KLOBUCHAR’s website’s hidden code art for campaign.

Klobuchar’s website’s code had Sunglasses emoji 😎 too and that took the chill next level.

Source: Mashable

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