Is time travel possible when Quantum Computer and Artificial Intelligence are Going to rule over the world?

is time travel possible with quantum computer
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Digital Twin Earth is going to visualize, monitor and forecast natural and human activities in the world. This is a model which can monitor the health of our planet earth, find out connection between earth and human and support the sustainable development of the environment.

It has an exciting new initiative for quantum computing. Perhaps it may open the door of time travel one day! Digital Twin Earth is a dynamic, digital replica of our current planet which mimics our planets behavior based on data combined with artificial intelligence. It is claimed that Digital Twin Earth shows us the accurate representation of the past, present and future changes of our planet earth.

Digital Twin Earth will play the following roles.

  • Visualize and forecast natural and human activity on earth.
  • Monitor the health of the planet.
  • Perform simulations of Earths’s interconnected system with human behavior.
  • Support sustainable development for a better environment.
  • Address challenges and targets of Green Deal

Florence Rabier says, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence could improve the realism and efficiency of the Digital Twin Earth – especially for extreme weather events and numerical forecast models.”

At the beginning of this month on 3 September, a European Earth observation mission, ɸ-sat-1, was launched from Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana with first artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Quantum Computing is playing a significant role here too. It has huge potential to decrease computational cost solving previously intractable problems. Josef Aschbacher made a special announcement mentioning an exciting new ESA initiative, the “EOP AI-enhanced Quantum Initiative for EO – QC4EO” in collaboration with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

This initiative facilitates creating quantum capability to solve demanding earth observation problems by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Alberto Di Meglio, Coordinator of the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, said, “Quantum technologies are a rapidly growing field of research and their applications have the potential to revolutionize the way we do science. Preparing for that paradigm change, by building knowledge and tools, is essential. This new collaboration on quantum technologies bears great promise.”

If this type of projects continues then there is huge chance AI and Quantum computing will develop more and more which may fuel the theory of time travel using quantum intelligence.


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