How Social Media Changed Our Fashion Sense? The impact of social media on customer purchase decisions.

The impact of social media on customer purchase decisions
The impact of social media on customer purchase decisions.

Research showed that 71% of users are more likely to make a purchase online if a special product is recommended by the social media friends and 84% of users are purely influenced to purchase by online posts and reviews of the influencers.

The impact of social media on customer purchase decisions is huge!

According to Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Swiss luxury company Chopard, social media has woven the fabric of our everyday life and attitude, and there is hardly any chance for us to leave it.

We belong to a digital age. Our smartphone has become an indispensable part of our life and the internet has just added the salt.

We use Facebook and Instagram to chat with our friends, surf their homepages and feeds to get updated about our friends and families, enrich our interest and hobbies by its trends and now we are using those platforms to shop our fashion items directly without taking the toil of going to the market.

Sometimes we don’t have the patience to visit any page or website even. We take what social media serves in front of us. Artificial intelligence is just personalizing our feeds more and more based on our interests.

Brands are taking the advantages of this activity and day by day transforming us into shopaholics. They are taking control of our imagination and making the shopping experience much more personal.

Psychologists, researchers, and mostly the business people are using the user data of social media accounts to conduct their necessary surveys on consumers.

Before social media people used to go through the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue to be trendy. But now the situation has been changed the fashion world became more widespread through the adoption of internet and smartphones.

Chopard, the luxury brand, is getting more than 800 million monthly interactions through Instagram. And now think about the other aesthetic brands!

Brands are using different types of strategies online to raise the awareness of their products which previously TV media used to get.

Consumers are also getting able to interact with their favorite fashion brands with just a comment on social media nowadays.

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