Harness Racing: NAARV Opposed HISA federal legislation with a letter.

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The North American Association of Racetrack Veterinarians is grateful for the opportunity to provide input to the CBO regarding HR1754 but enactment would do just the opposite. Yes, The North American Association of Racetrack Veterinarians (NAARV), a group whose mission is to ensure the health and well-being of the racehorse through protecting and improving the veterinary care and welfare of the equine athlete, opposes the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, believes just this.

This group wrote to the Congressional Budget Office that devastating economic effects to the horse racing industry is created by the legislation.

The group (NAARV) urges all horsemen to read the CBO letter that has been submitted. It opposes the HISA.

It is notable that Horse Racing is considered as a business in the United States of America. Currently it is in narrow profit margin but self sustainable.

Harness Racing News: NAARV opposes HISA federal legislation

Majority of the horse owners just keep themselves involved with it for love of the sport and not just for profit.

But the recent fee burden according to Act is just going to diminish this sport in USA, the horse owners claimed.

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