Financial Fulfillment of the Online Teachers

A teacher teaching geometry on a blackboard

Classes are going on online. Students and teachers have taken their offline class environment virtually online during the pandemic. But the expense and demand for a new skillset have thrown a challenge to the teachers’ community. They are trying their best to co-operate with the demand of time.

Due to resource shortage, some of the schools and colleges have reduced the financial support to their teachers. But, the daily expense of the teachers has increased more than the previous time. They are conducting their classwork using the internet and other precious tools like laptops, tab or smartphones. They are conducting their classes hours after hours with smiling faces even they are poorly underpaid.

To beat this situation, they can think of some supplementary sources to alleviate their financial need. Most people are now taking the career path of e-learning. A study shows that the online education market in India reached 39 billion rupees in 2018. It is going to take a robust growth of 43.85% by 2024. Smart teachers have already taken additional content monetization models to meet their financial demand.

Supportive e-learning content monetization models for teachers

  • AVOD or Ad-supported Video on Demand

In this model, your educational videos will be open for the viewers, but you will be paid when ads will be shown to your content. The Popular Youtube platform is a great instance of this model. But because of the ad-blockers used by the viewers, your revenue can be greatly affected.

  • Subscription model

It can work as a great content monetization model. When the viewers like your education content, they can subscribe to your website or content portal by paying your monthly or yearly fees. This is a win-win situation for both content creators and viewers. The content owner can get a monthly fixed income which encourages them to build quality content continuously.

  • Pay-per-view or PPV

This content monetization model helps a teacher to get a one-time specific fee. When a user accesses or downloads the specific content as files (pdf, ppt, video, audio, etc.), he will pay a one-time fee.

  • Premium membership

In this model, the users will get access to unlimited study materials for a certain time, for example, one month with some VIP facilities. After one month, he will feel encouraged to continue his subscription.

The idea is to get the viewers hooked to your content to renew the subscription. Even they will promote your products to others with word of mouth.

  • Being an affiliate

Suppose you are teaching a certain subject for years if you have a great skillset there. You know which things or tools you needed to teach your lessons. You may also include a valuable product link to your teaching website to add value to your users. This may earn you some commission when they buy the resources from those websites.

The world is reshaping itself to vast digitalization. Content monetization will be a great help for them to fight against their financial odds.