Excessive Protective Parenting and the Dangers

There is an old proverb that it is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man. If our life would always be easy, then we would have fewer purposes. 

Most of the time, some of the parents boast, saying that we are struggling harder so that our children go through everything easily. They forget the fact that today they are rich, comfortable and stable because of the process they had gone through.

We must accept that some unnecessary sufferings should be avoided, but we have to realise that as parents, we become successful now because of the process that we went through in our childhood.

Each of us faced some problems, challenges or hindrances which shaped our particular destination. We should accept the reality that obstacles are not only to stop us but also make us able to cope with the situation strongly.

Overprotective parents can turn their children into an endangered species. The core aim of the parents should be to make their child prepared to be an independent adult in the society for future. 

Study shows that children who are not given opportunities to solve their own problems end up becoming liabilities for society. Parents should realise that the more they will try to help their children avoid facing new challenges, the more they will make them unfit and vulnerable for the future. 

We should not forget the law of nature that when a  baby chick is prepared to hatch, it will be suicidal to assist it from the outside by breaking the shell.