Creative Writing: Write about the problems you face in your daily life.

A picture of three kids who are sitting on the chairs and trying to solve their problems

As a student, I face many problems in my daily life.

Sometimes, the electricity went off.

Because of this, I suffer greatly in my study.

I attend my classes online.

When the net connection becomes slow, I can not attend my classes.

I hate mosquitoes because they bite me much.

I feel very hot when there is no electricity.

I face a great problem when my phone’s charge finishes.

For this reason, I always try to charge my phone timely.

I need to study much to be first in the class.

When I lose my class copy, I face a great problem.

If I get up late in the morning, I feel very guilty.

These are the problems I face in my everyday life.

But, I try my best to fix the problems for my betterment.

I think taking the challenges is a great fun.