Chinese App: Tiktok Possesses Heavey Data Security Risk for a Country!

Akira Amari, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s tax panel chief, said about Tiktok on Fuji Television Network on Sunday that not only President Trump but also other countries such as the U.K. and India, are gradually becoming aware of the risks. As there are so many countries pointing out the risks, Japan cannot just stand and watch too.

This threat of Tiktok has become an issue after U.S President Donald Trump on Friday ordered ByteDance Ltd, a Chinese company and the parent owner of Tiktok to sell its U.S. user data those are collected thorough their famous app Tiktok. This order was given because of the possible data security threat for american citizens.

Trump assumes that this popular app may share its user data to Chinese Government that may arise possible threats to their country.

Besides U.S. government, India also took action against Tiktok and other Chinese app those may prove as possible national security threat to them.

And now Japan goes to the same path too.

How can Tiktok Access your data?

If an individual uses Tiktok, the app collects a range of personal data such as Location of the user, IP Address and tracks the type of device being used by the user. These type of data collection are open to everyone but there are other type of sensitive information that is also possible to be collected by Tiktok.

It is proven that important government security officials working such as members of Police, Army also may use Tiktok app in their phone. As a result risk of possible sensitive data theft from a country can not be ignored!

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