Brac NGO job Circular 2020

Brac NGO job Circular 2020 has been posted recently. Interested candidates are requested to apply as soon as possible. Check direct apply link below.

Post nameEducational requirement
Assistant Engineer, Construction DepartmentDiploma in Civil Engineering From any Recognized University with Minimum all Second Division or equivalent GPA/CGPA in academic examinations. No 3rd Division or below CGPA 2.50 is acceptable.
ExperienceMinimum 8-10 years of work experience.
Brac NGO job Circular 2020

You may send your updated CV to mentioning the position name in subject line.

Application Deadline 15/12/2020

Brac NGO job Circular 2020

About Brac:

We create a variety of fields to solve the problems of poor people so that they can develop their potential and implement it in their own lives.

We are currently operating in 12 countries in Asia and Africa.

We take a small action plan on small scale, we improve it through experiments and expand the activity in a more cost-effective way, maintaining standards.

We are unique not only because of the scope and scope of the work but also because of the innovative attitude and the features of correcting our own mistakes. We believe that he is the main driver of human destiny. We live in the role of assistant.


BRAC thinks poverty is a curse and the reasons are linked to one another. Some of these are inevitable. For example, the loss of resources or physical insecurity in natural disasters is not a day-to-day wage. There are other things that indirectly sustain poverty. For example, a lack of awareness about law and rights. This leads to the direct absorption of people. That’s why BRAC believes there is no magic solution to this problem. It is important to tackle poverty as a whole. Therefore, THE BRAC’s program can be divided into three parts.

  1. Poverty Reduction: One of our special programs to eradicate poverty teaches the most backward communities in society to stand on their own. On the other hand, the micro-credit program is another
    Helps the community to take their own economic initiatives. The agriculture and food security programmes in the same company have developed the economic situation of the farmers through seasonal credit and the supply of advanced seeds.
  2. Social Security and Skills Creation: Education is not an option to increase skills to rid people of the curse of inherited poverty. The company has a number of programmes to protect against the disaster caused by various diseases, inadequacy and natural disasters.
  3. Organization: Human Rights, Social Empowerment and Gender Justice and Diversity Programs to make people aware of their rights.

BRAC also runs various social initiatives outside the main program. These initiatives strategically link BRAC’s development program to create important connections with the market. This increases the productivity of our members’ resources and labor and reduces their business risk. From agriculture to agriculture, these initiatives are making us self-sufficient.

All our activities reflect environmental awareness and public view.

We have been active in training, research and monitoring businesses in every field to ensure the quality, consistency and rationale of our activities and have taken special action to maintain financial stability and balance. We have established BRAC University as a centre of knowledge for the national level of capacity.

However, the story of the people we work for is best drawn in the story of our success.

There are so many achievements that Brac has brought to our country. And one of them is the noble Prize.

You may send your updated CV to mentioning the position name in subject line.

Application Deadline 15/12/2020

Resources: BRAC: Creating opportunities for people to realise potential

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