Bangladesh Navy Officer Cadet Job Circular 2020

Bangladesh Naval Academy has recently declared their job vacancy for officer cadet 2020. This circular is for Group A. Interested candidates are requested to apply online.

About: Bangladesh Navy (BN) has emerged as the guardian of the national maritime space which made it first sail with two gunboats in 1971. Traditionally, its roles are to protect the territorial integrity and political independence and safeguard the maritime interests of Bangladesh. In doing so, the Bangladesh Navy has been conducting a full range of operations in our maritime domain since our independence.

With the passage of time, Bangladesh and her Navy have grown 48 years old. Today, Bangladesh Navy has more than 80 ships and crafts in its inventory. With the pace of development, it has acquired three-dimensional capabilities. The build-up of the Bangladesh Navy, which began after independence has come through the end of sectarian exploitation of the land and resource in time and history.

Responsibilities: Ensuring safe and unfettered maritime commerce is our obligation as a seafaring nation. In the contemporary maritime scenario, asymmetric threats at sea and from the sea generate substantial threats to the; homeland and the sea lines of communication. Therefore, maritime security has become a primary concern for the littorals. BN maintains round the clock vigilance at sea for this purpose. BN also conducts special operations against armed robbery, illegal poaching, smuggling, gun-running, terrorism, etc. Today, BN is also engaged in promoting peace through an active role under UN Peace Support Operations.

Bangladesh Navy Officer Cadet Job Circular 2020

Bangladesh Navy Officer Cadet Job Circular 2020

Application Fee: 700 BDT

The application procedure started from 10am, 22 November 2020.

The application deadline will be 5pm, 11th January 2021.

So, Hurry up if you want to apply!

You can apply directly from here.

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