Antenatal depression of a mother can affect the boy even at his 18!

Studies show that antenatal depression of a mother can affect the boy’s brains and behavior even at his 18. It can alter the child’s brain connectivity that can lead to major depressive disorder.

The study found that the boy whose mother went through depression because of anxiety during pregnancy tends to be more aggressive and hypersensitive. Generally, symptoms get revealed when he is about to start school.

Child behavioral problems are reported by their mothers and they try to figure out what actually happened.

Studies show that up to one-fifth of mothers experience depression during their pregnancy period. This depression brings unknown effects on the fetus. This effect can change their children’s behavior later too.

The study was conducted by Hay et al. It was surveyed over 54 pairs of mother and child. Mothers were questioned about their depression symptoms at several stages during pregnancy. Scientists used diffusion MRI imaging techniques to map their emotional connections in the brain in different regions.

This study highlights the importance of emotional care for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Because of the antenatal depression of our future mother can cost a heavy toll on our society.

Source: sciencedaily

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