Amazing house hunting in Sweden near Stockholm.

Because of the evolving demand, house prices in Sweden have soared up again even after the slump in 2018 and 2017. Consumer confidence is on the rise, and consumers are rushing for larger space in homes.

A four-bedroom home has been converted to the 108-foot water tower on an Island named Faxon. It is a part of the Stockholm Archipelago. It can take only 35 minutes to reach there from the east of central Stockholm.

Until 1989 the brick tower was used here as the reservoir of the drinking water. But the current owner has converted this into a seven-story house, installing an electric sauna at the top of the building. Telecom companies are also using the roof by taking the lease for the antennae space.

On the second floor, it has three bedrooms, a storage room, and a bathroom. The primary suite and another bathroom can be found on the third floor.

The Swedish are very concerned with their way of living. They spend a large amount of the income on their homes. The housing market in Sweden is very brisk. The apartments in central Stockholm are $1,060 per square foot.

Interested buyers to buy houses in Sweden

A statistics of 2020 shows that more than 6 percent of vacation homes are foreign-owned here. Among the foreign owners, Norwegians, Germans, and Danes are noteworthy.

For foreign buyers, there are no significant restrictions in Sweden. Even one may not have to hire a lawyer because the agents of the seller handle all procedures providing hassle-free experiences.