A List of 30+ English Creative Writing Topics for Your Kids!

A List of 30+ English Creative Writing Topics for Your Kids!

There are so many creative writing topics to develop the writing skilling of your kids. Creative writing helps to boost your child’s imagination and creativity. Here, I have sorted some of the most important creative writing topics to help your child practice writing at home.

About yourself and others:

  • Write about the funny things you do at home.
  • Funny things you do in your school.
  • Write about yourself.
  • About your brother or sister
  • Best friend.
  • People you like.
  • Write about the problems you face in your daily life.
  • About the strange dreams, you have seen.
  • Things you are afraid of to do.
  • Your favorite subject.
  • About your favorite TV show.
  • Favorite Teacher.
  • Write about your class teacher.
  • Dresses you like to wear.
  • Which superhero do you want to be?
  • Things you have done for helping others.

About your living or world:

  • Write about your city or town.
  • About your country.
  • Your school.
  • National flag.
  • About your city life.
  • About your country life.


  • If you were a millionaire, what would you do?
  • If you were a superhero, what would you do?

Hobbies and pastime:

  • Things you do in your leisure.
  • Your favorite sport.
  • Write about your kitchen garden.


  • About a holiday outside your home.
  • About an interesting weekend.
  • A film you have watched
  • Write about an interesting book you have read.
  • Dangerous things you did.
  • Your visit to a park.
  • Describe a stormy night.

Thinking for future or plans:

  • Write about your plan for the next holidays.
  • Your plan for the summer/winter vacation.
  • A career you will choose.

NB: Try to avoid all types of grammatical errors, repetition, and spelling mistakes. Using transition words makes a creative writing reader-friendly which is good for getting good marks.